Gibson Greypool


Class(es): Ranger 2
Year Born: 28
Deity: Ilmater
Homeland: Neverwinter
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hair: Medium length, with a short chin beard.
Eyes: Grey
Alignment: Neutral good, with chaotic tendency.
--Temp note’s—-
(Born and raised in Neverwinter his father was a blacksmith and mother a homemaker. Gibson left home at age 20 to become a scout for Neverwinter’s regular army. he excelled at his job and not but two years later moved to a group of rangers specializing in espionage and intelligence gathering; deep outside of the normal calling of a standard army scout.

At 26 he left the service of Neverwinter and started doing freelance work. He takes odd jobs as they come mostly consisting of guarding caravans or being a guide for passing travelers. His time away from work consisting mostly of wondering in search of a life of greater purpose.

for two year’s he was tasked to infiltrate a large band of pirates in luskan in order to gather information on if the luskan goverment was funding piracy against neverwinter)

Gibson was born in Neverwinter to a father who was a black smith and in sorts, a philosopher. His father taught him a great deal of things including ingraining a great sense of morality in his son. Teaching him that there are many evil’s in this world, And to do nothing about them is just as evil of an act. His mother was a warm and loving woman she helped his father around the shop but mostly tended to there home and in schooling her son. Gibson’s mother was very much in love with nature and would on many of occasions take Gibson outside to the city to explore the forest and enjoy the company of nature. One one of these occasions a group of goblins attacked Gibson and his mother. His mother attempted to fight off the goblins but was quickly disarmed as one of the goblins cut of her right arm. Gibson stood there frozen for what seemed an eternity looking at the goblins and then at his fallen mother; it was then the arrows came. One by one the goblins dropped almost magically. Gibson could not make heads or tales of from where these arrows flew. Until three elves crept out of the shadows of the trees all garbed in camouflage and foliage. They quickly tended to his mothers injuries healing her wound with some kind of magic he had never seen before. They then left as quickly and as silently as they had come. From that day forward his Mother never took him out of the city, but many of days he would sneak out of the city walls and explore the corners of the woods in hopes that he could find his and his mothers saviors and at a minimum pay them his thanks.

At age 14 during a great pirate fleet attacked Neverwinter. The pirates raped and pillaged much of the town stealing and killing what and whomever they could before Neverwinter’s army could react (This later has been reviled to be a diversion for an attempted assassination on the king). Gibson was on one of his trips out into the woods of Neverwinter during the attack quickly returning after hearing the screams echoing through the woods. Gibson arrived shortly after the attack had been repelled by Neverwinter’s Army. His house was a blood bath his father lay dead in the doorway with his neck cut in a pool of blood. His mother on the kitchen table naked with a dagger in her heart. These images haunt him to this day.

At 15 Gibson sold his fathers home in Neverwinter determined to find and learn the ways and power possessed by the elves that saved his mother years ago. So He that no one else would ever have to feel the pain he feels as he would have the power to prevent it. He packed his things and traveled into the forests of Neverwinter.Gibson spends months upon months searching. Many of times he came close to death at the hand’s of feral drow and orcs. Some how he managed to survive. Till one day moving north he came upon a small cave at the edge of the woods. As he entered it opened up to a massive cavern and then in the dark he fell. it felt like ages till he hit water. He woke up to only darkness and disorientation. He stumbled to his feet. Instantly torches along the walls of the cave lit up filling the room with a dark amber color. in-front of him a large golden lizard like creature lay looking right back at him with thin yellow eyes Its scales glimmer in reflection of the fire. It then spoke… " I am Pronttikor this cave is my home". It stated loudly but yet some how effortlessly under its breath. “Being’s that wonder here do not do so with out a purpose, though I believe you do not understand that.” it speaks as it re-tracks its neck upwards. "You seek something here, a Higher knowledge I believe. spoken in almost a whisper as it moves what look to be wings, to test the air. Gibson reply’s almost falling over his words “yes I’m looking for a group of elves that have the power to blend with there surroundings.”
“Hmmmmmmmmm well I’m afraid that I am not an elf as I’m sure you can see.”the Golden Dragon say in a humorous but caviler way. “I am also afraid what you search for is here in the forest,But you will not be allowed to find it… But! I do have something you where not looking for”. What’s that?" Stumbles out of gibbon’s mouth. “Information! You see you are not where you belong. There are forces in this world that you can only begin to understand.Hmmmm I digress The point here in is that your path has shifted and you have run astray. You are very lucky to have run into me before the damage was already done” it snarls. Gibson manages to utter the words, “what?…why?” “You are not meant to join with the elves and continue you days among druid and the tree’s. You Have a Much greater Purpose, but I Have said to much.” It sighs and steam vents from its nostrils. “What I am here to tell you is you must return to Neverwinter you must join the city’s army.” More willfully Gibson say “What if I don’t leave?” “If you do not leave then I will have my self an early lunch.” It says with almost a frown. “Let us not be hasty What I say Must be said and now it is.” It states as the frown slips away, turning almost into a smile. “If I did not do my part the breath would surely slip from my lungs, and I am not the kind of dragon that enjoys being dead.”it states as a much wider smirk appears. “You will meet me again 13 Year’s from now and then you will Be Instructed further, till then you must take your leave back to Neverwinter you go Mr.Greypool.” Gibson began to open his mouth only to be cut off by the dragon’s booming voice. “No more questions will be asked, such as no more answered; I do not wish to be licking you from my teeth but if I must, I Will and as such you, A being which values his life you will go.” And Gibson did.

Gibson returned to Neverwinter and Relaxed a few days a the Inn, He was never a man who believed in fate and he still wasn’t honestly sure if he did. Feeling overwhelmed with confusion he left the Inn to walk down the road he isn’t even old enough to join not for another year. He thought to himself. Not even a moment after Gibson looked up to find two Neverwinter guards standing before him. They stated they where on a mission to recruit new members into Neverwinters Army. They asked if he was Interested and almost with a sigh he said yes.

Gibson Greypool

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