Strength d10
Agility d6
Vigor d8
Smarts d4
Spirit d8

Pace 6
Parry 7
Toughness 7
Charisma 0


Sweep, Brawny


Code of Honor (Major),Loyal, Fanatic
Athletics d6
Fighting d10
Intimidation d6
Knowledge(Noth Frontier) d6
Notice d6
Riding d8
Survival d4

Scale Armor
Tabard of The Sharp Sword
Large Shield

Strong: The Noth people are tall and well-built. They start with a d6 in Strength instead of a d4.
Blood of the Springs: Noth live and die in the cold. Their adaption to the frigid climate of the Frontier gives them +2 to resist negative environmental effects of cold.
Illiterate: Noth do not have a written language, nor do they possess knowledge of math beyond arithmetic. They are Illiterate, as the hindrance.


Year Born: _ 82 AD, (17 years old in 99 AD)_
Deity: Ymora
Homeland: The North
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 270 lbs.
Hair: nearly shoulder-length, slightly wavy, wheat blonde
Eyes: blue

Kurrickian was a simple boy who lived by simple means. He lived for his work and for the land he maintained. He lived comfortably, never having to fear of going hungry or being without a home to live, and he had the Zeras family to thank for his comfort. However, he holds dreams of grand adventures like those that share his true blood experience. This life of simplicity was shattered on the night Jewelspar was attacked, but the fragments formed into a new chance of life beyond Jewelspar.

Prior to the age of four, Kurrickian’s life is nothing but a few fractured memories of his mother and the life he once lived. Sometimes dreams wake him with a small shimmer of insights into his past, but he has never been able to grasp the full memory. What Kurrickian does remember is the day his life started on the Zeras’ estate. The arrival at Jewelspar mystified young Kurrickian, fore it was his first time venturing into a civilized settlement. His keeper, Jaerl, was heading to the market to do what was described as providing Kurrickian with a new home. This was the day Aldolin’s father, Lord Thalen Zeras, purchased Kurrickian, fearing the young boy maybe cast into the dark depths of slavery.

After Zeras purchased the boy, Kurrickian did not serve much more than a playmate for Aldolin, and did so for a solid year. Aldolin and Kurrickian got along very well, with Aldolin embracing Kurrickian as a younger brother that livened up the dull life of living on the Zeras Manor. The following year Thalen hired a bookish teacher to educate Aldolin, and soon Aldolin spent most of the day tucked away in his lectures and assignments. Thalen sent Kurrickian to begin learning about the Zeras farm where he would be working as he grew older. Even with both boys going in different directions, Aldolin and Kurrickian spent most of their sparse free time together.

Kurrickian worked the land with unparalleled devotion for his chores. When he was young he learned to tend to the animals, and as he grew and his strength bloomed he learned to sculpt the land with hand and tool. He spent winters breaking the solid earth to prepare the soil for the growing season, tended to the fields for spring and through summer, and headed the harvest efforts in the autumn. On a few occasions he had to defend the farm from threats, but never learned techniques in fighting beyond the use of his strength. There was only one devotion that split his focus from farm work, and it was his faith in Tymora.

When Kurrickian was thirteen he discovered his faith. It started when a man was granted right to stay on the farm for a month by Lord Thalen in exchange for his help in the harvest season. Kurrickian was instructed to teach the man the skills he would need to complete his work. Kurrickian and the man he would come to know as, Gavril Spiridon, quickly became friends through the time they spent working together. Soon Gavril shared his stories with Kurrickian, a man who was once a noble merchant of Cormyr who tossed nobility aside to let his life be held in the hands of The Lady, Tymora, who traveled the countrysides from temple to temple stopping where he pleased and doing what he wished. Why a man would give up his noble life baffled young Kurrickian, who possessed many questions for Gavril over the month. Gavril explained that when you live a life of nobility from birth to death, it holds very few differences from that of a life of slavery. Your position dictates who could be in your company, what clothes you must wear, and to the point that he had to marry woman arranged for him to seal a business deal. Gavril found solace in Tymora’s teachings, he became his own master and lives his own life. Kurrickian was fascinated with every story the man told him and soon found himself desiring to learn more of Tymora. Upon Gavril’s departure, he gave Kurrickian a small, leather-bound book of Tymora, and thanks to Aldolin, Kurrickian learned how to read it. Gavril also granted Kurrickian a large coin with the symbol of Tymora on its face. Kurrickian has treasured this coin and still holds it on his person.

However, even with this new found love in Tymora, Kurrickian felt his place was still at the Zeras Manor. He felt indebted to the Zeras family for providing the life they had for him, and he knew that he had not given them something equal in return, but he could still offer the work he did. For the next five years he worked the land and with increased vigor, because he knew the more he work he did, the closer the day that he would feel his debt to the Zeras family would be alleviated and he could begin his own independent life. Kurrickian never dreamed that his adventures would begin on the day the the land he spent his life working on was razed and what family he did possess would be violently torn from him by the edge of an orc’s blade and boot, leaving him with only Aldolin as the last bit of Family Kurrickian had…


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