Non-player Characters


Alphege – Oldest Silvanic druid in Grunwald. Seems very in tune with the surrounding lands. Alchemist.

Barjomah – One of the King of Grunwald’s three protectors. He is a middle-aged man with a leathery-looking burn scar on the left side of his face. Rarely seen outside of the King’s keep.

Brumko – One of the Red Hammer mercenaries. Seems to be very deficient in intelligence.

Dorney – A very short and pudgy man. One of the Red Hammer mercenaries.

Geirmund – One of the King’s three protectors. He is the chief Justicar and priest of Tyr of Grunwald.

Gundar Mournspear – King of Grunwald. Resides in a keep on northeast-most corner of the village. Seems interested in the activity throughout the frontier. Under stress from the fall of Jewelspar and disruption of the peace talks. Hired the party to help him.

Irleif – Leader of the Red Hammers, a small mercenary company from Newridge. Cleared out the Well run Dry of the bothersome giant rats. Fights only with a long dagger.

Leobon – Only a quarter wood-elf, Leobon is the grand-nephew of a famous hunter from the Sword Coast. He joined the Red Hammers to jump-start his adventuring career, but complains that the jobs they find available are hardly worth the coin.

Levon Deirdre – Blacksmith in Grunwald. Kind and hard-working. Employs three other apprentice smiths.

Mideon – Son of Diatham, he one of King Gundar’s three protectors. He occasionally leads small expeditions into the Lurkwood to bring news of its happenings back to Grunwald.

Perry Goldwater – Operates the Blue Pine tavern in Grunwald. Not native to Grunwald. Great cook.

Scarlette Goldwater – Operates the Blue Pine inn in Grunwald. Not native to Grunwald. Married Perry five years ago. Has long red-hair and fair skin.

Samantha Mournspear – Queen of Grunwald. She makes few appearances in Grunwald except for big internal affairs. It’s said she keeps to a small but significant library of various books.

Sungar Wolfkiller – Current leader of the Thunderbeast tribe in Grunwald. He is also the head of the watch and takes great pride in helping the refugees. He knows that the refugees of Jewelspar can’t stay in their encampment forever, and is working on a plan to build homes for these people.


Asari Warmfjord – Teenage refugee from Jewelspar. Worked with Kurik on a small farmstead before.

Feodel Kendrick the Emerald – The late lord of Jewelspar. Also served as chief cleric of Tyr in the village. Was slain by a half-orc assassin just one day before the orc raid on Jewelspar. His son, Kale Kendrick, became the new Lord of Jewelspar in his place.

Kale Kendrick – Current Lord of Jewelspar. Executed the assassin who killed his father. Location and status currently unknown (presumed dead).


Fiachra – Fiachra is a mercenary who travels with the Ruby Lady named Gudny from Mirabar. He wears black-tinged plate and carries a morningstar with fairly long spikes.

Garle Mavsthone – Tavernmaster of the Fest Hall in Newridge. Fat from large pork dinners and drinking thick beer. Has a large, gaudy voice that echoes in favor of the bards’ songs to keep in tune and keep playing. Loves stories, whether real or fabricated.

Gudny “The Ruby Lady” – Fire-haired half-orc mercenary who wears a silvery breastplate studded with garnets and stained blood splatter. Her face is gnarled and seems to always feature a contorted frown.

Orjyn Bladebarrow – Chief of the Newridge militia, which is comprised of village volunteers who join for status.

Gostav Hilmarsson – Lord of Newridge.


Milo Lindenbrook – Transmutation wizard from Longsaddle. He became an apprentice to Regweld Harpell after he won a problem-solving contest. Travels with “Cold Ale” Roscoe to help him find his treasure map.

Roscoe Bunce – Roscoe “Cold Ale” Bunce was born to a poor family in Longsaddle. Roscoe came to Grunwald to find Brigo, a former friend of his who stole a treasure map from him.

The Savage Frontier

Grignot – Alpha goblin of the small band of goblins encountered in the woods several miles north of Grunwald.

Non-player Characters

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