Locations are primarily described from the perspective of the characters and their knowledge.

The Savage Frontier

The Savage Frontier is a region in the subcontinent of Faerûn that includes the lands north of the Delimbiyr river that are not strictly part of the High Forest, the Silver Marches, the Sword Coast or Waterdeep. It is located between the Silver Marches and the Sword Coast, where the cities of Neverwinter and Luskan lie.

Contrary to its name, much of the area is really no more a savage frontier than other parts of the Realms and is quite civilized. However, broader conflicts, such as those between Luskan and Waterdeep and frequent troubles with the Zhentarim do make the area a dangerous one.

Settlements in the Savage Frontier


The village of Grunwald is populated by the Thunderbeast Uthgardt for the most part. The buildings and homes are simple and crude stone lodges with shingled roofs. Most of the building materials come from the stone and timber found in the nearby forest. Pines decorate the village. The village is built upon the ruins of a dwarfhold. The tunnels beneath the city are known, but are taboo, off-limits to villagers and foreigners alike. The village also has a long-dry well, where remains of the dead are dropped into the tunnels below.

A druid grove and a shrine to Tyr are located near the king’s lodge.


Ingledye is a small town located in between Grunwald and Longsaddle and 5 miles off of the Long Road. The town in ruled by Lord Lane Archambault. Ingledye is eerily quiet and some of the buildings are boarded off or in disarray, but the Hog in Armor tavern seems to offer a decent cornerstone for travelers. Lord Lane’s castle is located down the east road of the town, across a small bridge over the brook that runs adjacent to the settlement.



A mining village located off of the Long Road between Grunwald and Newridge, Jewelspar was actually three smaller thorps that were joined by the central mine. This mine holds a natural resource of precious stones, but Jewelspar was most noted for its blue sapphires. The village was also held together by a shrine to Tyr. Jewelspar was also ruled by its clergy, making the government a theocracy. The village was raided by a marauding band of orcs on the 11th of Uktar. As many as two hundred people died or went missing. The rest of the citizens fled elsewhere, most becoming refugees in Grunwald.


Newridge (or the “Barbarian Outpost”) is a small outpost north of Jewelspar and south of Xantharl’s Keep. It’s ruled by Gostav Hilmarsson, a former Griffon tribesman. Newridge is known for its sturdy buildings with steep rooftops, its militia, and its mead. The men of Newridge are required to join the militia when they reach adulthood, and some of these men have been defending the settlement well into old age. Most of the people here brandish large weapons, crafted by the town’s own blacksmith.

Xantharl’s Keep


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